Object Magazine

magazine offers an insightful perspective on contemporary craft and design in Australia. Published by the Australian Design Centre, Object is a celebration of creativity and making, and a journal of record featuring inspirational objects, works and projects by Australia’s most innovative craft and design practitioners.

Object magazine was published in print between 1996 and 2009, and digitally until 2011. Three issues are available to view in full on issuu.com

Object magazine issue 58: Wood

Features include:

The magic of wood (where scientists and designers meet) – Professor Peter Vinden offers an insight into new technologies being developed by Australian scientists creating opportunities for manipulating wood p.22
Wood: A social commentary – Alice Blackwood looks at what it is about wood that sees contemporary designers traversing new material territories p.24
Profile: The Kevin Perkins – Australian writer Richard Flanaghan creates a beautiful portrait of Australia’s living treasure, and his friend, furniture maker Kevin Perkins p.18
Profile: Jon Goulder – Western Australian-based designer Jon Goulder refuses to make objects simply to make objects p.40

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Object magazine issue 57: A celebration of Indigenous design, art and craft

Features include:

The Canning Stock Route Project - celebrates the lives and stories of Western Desert Indigenous people p.36
Gatherings – Brisbane-based foundry, Urban Art Projects, has teamed up with private developer, The Toga Group, to engage artists from remote communities p.42
Pottery that defies convention – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ceramics are distinct in their form p.46

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Object magazine issue 55: Studio edition

Features include:

The studio in the city – Dr Sandra Kaji-O’Grady on why urban studios are such necessary places of creativity and production p.20
Your studio, your home ground – What do you imagine a day in the life of a studio artist would be like? p.35
Studio visits with Lynda Warner p.16 Material by Product p.24 Mokum p.30 Marc Petrovic p.38 and more.

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'As a look back at the contemporary crafts of Australia, Object magazine is an ideal means of documenting important history and securing essential information on this sector of the visual arts.'

– Jane Burns, Founding Director, Craft Australia

'The 59 issues of Object magazine that were published between 1993 and 2009 are arguably the most valuable archive of the development of contemporary craft and design practice in Australia.'
– Brian Parkes, Director, Jam Factory

'Object Magazine was historically a well-loved vehicle for broad engagement with the work of the organisation and the sector in general – great research with high-quality words and images.'
– Stephen Goddard, Art Director

'Object magazine distils the approach of the Australian Design Centre: drawing together the most vital threads of Australian design and craft in a thoughtful and compelling way.'
– Stefanie Flaubert, Korban Flaubert