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Creativity Matters!

Creativity Matters!
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Design and craft surround us every day; it’s the clothes and jewellery we wear, it’s your coffee cup, it’s the transport you use, it’s your mobile phone or smart watch, it’s cities or spaces we live in. It is also the world we aspire to a sustainable, healthy, innovative and vibrant future for our children. 

ADC provides a place for designers and makers to test and explore their creative ideas, interact with audiences, celebrate their discoveries, question how we want our lives to be and educate the next generation.

We enable craftspeople and designers to reach their full potential by presenting exhibitions and programs demonstrating excellence in craft and design and investigating possibilities to transform the future.

We value curiosity, generosity and inspiration for living our best lives.

Every donation is important to grow Australian creativity.

Australian Design Centre is a platform that showcases, mentors and promotes makers and designers by:

  • making exhibitions that connect creative ideas to audiences
  • building marketplaces for artists to test and sell their work
  • presenting conversations and events about design, craft and creative ideas

As a not-for-profit enterprise we need your help to do this work. You can help by visiting our exhibitions, buying from our retail space Object Shop, becoming an ADC Friend or making a donation to help make our future more secure.

We are grateful to our generous donors who support ADC to showcase the work of craftspeople and designers for audiences across Australia.

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With your help we can continue to inspire, inform and engage people with the power of creativity and also promote ‘design’ as a way of thinking and living.

Your generosity helps ADC, as a leading advocate for craft and design in Australia, to support a creative future through exhibitions, events and education. Please help us to do this work by making a donation today.

Donations over $2 will receive a tax deductible receipt. All donors will be acknowledged on our website and in our annual report. Donations over $500 will be acknowledged on our gallery wall. Read three stories of why people donate to ADC here.

How your donation helps us to help makers and designers:

$2 - $50
will provide general support for ADC exhibitions and events and our immense gratitude.

$50 helps ADC to run events like Sydney Craft Week.

$100 buys supplies for a primary school design workshop.

$500 pays a designer to deliver a craft and design workshop.

$1000 pays a maker to deliver a masterclass to develop professional skills in others.

$2000 will help to develop an exhibition education kits for teachers and students across Australia.

$5000 supports ADC to work with an outstanding emerging designer to develop a body of work towards their first exhibition.

$10,000 to $20,000 will deliver a craft and design exhibition in Sydney that employs makers, designers and arts workers.

$50,000 or more is a significant investment in our work and will help us to shape the future.

*(These values are indicative of the range of activities donations will support.)

Donate now

Please donate to the Australian Design Centre by using use the secure donation form here. Alternatively, please contact our Partnerships Manager, Alix Fiveash on 9361 4555 or email

Every donation is valued and put to good use growing Australian culture.

"Each individual donation to ADC is a significant boost. It is worth stating that the scale of ADC in terms of budget and number of employees means that this is a philanthropic invitation offering an opportunity to really make a difference. ADC consistently punches well above its weight, and benefits practitioners, partners and audiences in each and every activity."  
Oliver Smith, Silversmith and ex-ADC Board Member. 

Other ways to support ADC

ADC Friends Program 

Become a friend and join a community of people who support makers and designers through the work of the Australian Design Centre. 
By joining ADC Friends you receive a range of benefits at Australian Design Centre and also at the Australian Craft and Design Network across Australia.
Find out more about ADC Friends here.

Image: Michelle Miller, Starlight Memorial, 2017. Photo: Boaz Nothman.