Education Kits

Object Therapy

Object Therapy is an exhibition and project that explores creative transformation and notions of value and repair. This education resource is designed to support learning outcomes and teaching programs associated with viewing Object Therapy. 

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Shapeshifters: 3D Printing the Future

What if 3D printing gave you the ability to design your own life? This resource has been developed to support the Year 7-10 Design and Technology syllabus outcomes and can be also adapted for use by Visual Arts and Visual Design teachers. Image: Ryan Pennings.

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Future Nature: The Evolution Will Not Be Televised

Explores possible futures through the eyes of artists, designers and architects inspired by biology and the natural world as they map the collisions of the art, science and design worlds simultaneously. Image: Vincent Buret.

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Cloth: From Seeds to Bloom

Drawing inspiration from the Australian bush, British-born Paterson's stunning fabrics are a riot of colour, floral forms, and patterns which can be found on furniture, lights, and soft furnishings. This resources details the artist's creative process through a corresponding set of videos and activities. Image: Vincent Buret.

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Resolved: Journeys in Australian Design

Bringing to life the stories that a completed product does not reveal, Resolved's education kit explores the inspiration and processes of the twelve contemporary Australian designers. Image: Chris Hardy.

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Lola Greeno: Cultural Jewels

This education kit has been developed for primary students and their teachers. It aims to convey the importance of Aboriginal cultural practices; in this case, the craft of shell stringing to make necklaces. this practice relies on a deep understanding and connection with the local environment, and the makers hold intricate knowledge of the shells and their habitat.

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CUSP: Designing into the Next Decade

Twelve Australian designers use design as a way to answer human issues that will affect our lives into the next decade. This resource is suitable for students in stages five and six. Image: Leah Heiss.

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Building Connections

Building Connections is a multi layered resource aimed at supporting the teaching of architecture units as part of the Visual Arts Syllabus stage six. It is divided into three parts – the frames, conceptual framework and practice, and focuses on the connections between architecture and other art forms, investigating ideas and themes through images, text, and art-making activities. Image: Alexis Doyen.

Download part one, part two, and part three of ed kits.

Stories in Form

This education resource explores product design by Australian and international designers that reveal the way stories can create a bond between the product and end user. Image: Geoff Boccalatte.

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Hyperclay: Contemporary Ceramics

Hyperclay investigates the field of ceramics by focusing on new attitudes, techniques and technologies that are being embraced by artists in the 21st Century. Image: Paul Wood.

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Now and When

Architects have always been interested in visions of the future. Now And When: Australian Urbanism explores the vision of Australian cities now and in 2050 and beyond. Photographer John Gollings’ stereoscopic photographs and the visualisations by 17 architecture firms are explained. Also included are Future Cities of the Past including the work of Sant Elia and Googie architecture. Image: Jamie Williams.

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In Good Company

Design often calls for creative collaborations with mates, mentors, makers, marketers – a complex network of skilled and passionate individuals. In Good Company is a unique exhibition that draws back the curtain to reveal what happens behind the scenes of Sydney’s creative community.

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Robert Baines: Metal

By researching ancient metal techniques and studying museum collections, influential Australian jeweller and goldsmith, Baines is able to recognise fakes and forgeries. This has informed much of his work and has resulted in pieces that delight audiences with their wry humour and technical brilliance. Image: Robert Baines.

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Nine artists explore the colour blue in a variety of media. Their interpretations present audiences with a mixture of traditional themes and innovative ideas. Image: University of Wollongong Creative Arts Students blog.

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Mind And Matter

This education kit aims to explore the concepts around abstract minimalism and how glass artists, architects and sculptors have worked with these ideas. The kit was developed around Mind and Matter, an exhibition of works by eight innovative Australian glass artists who share an interest in the minimalist aesthetic. Image: Robert Little.

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Sustainability + Design

Author Nathan Shedroff puts it simply with, "Don’t do things today that make tomorrow worse." The Sustainability and Design education kit explores issues around the meaning of sustainability and investigates the work of four design studios that have sustainable practices. Image: Marcus Christensen.

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Design Now! 2010

This resource presents a selection of works by nine of the 20 outstanding university graduates across applied arts and design courses nationwide. Find out about their ideas and inspiration. Image: Rhian Birrel.

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