Happy objects is an Australian Design Centre exhibition exploring the value of objects in our lives. We asked Alex Miles to share with us a 'happy object' and tell us a story about this object.

Alex says:

I met Tony on my birthday in January 2005 through a mutual friend.

He was visiting Sydney from Melbourne for the weekend.

We went to a Chemical Brothers concert at Horden Pavilion.

He liked my shoes.

So I posted them to him (at his work) for his birthday a week later.

He broke up with his girlfriend (who it turned out worked in the office).

He moved to Sydney. We had 2 kids.

We moved to Hobart.

We’re still together and if we ever do get married I’ll wear my happy shoes.

Alex Miles is a designer and artist based in Hobart. She works primarily in the areas of interpretation design, graphic design and public art.