Craft and Design Quiz

By Australian Design Centre

We’ve had fun creating this quiz to test your knowledge of Australian Craft and Design – give it a go!  Answers are at the bottom!

1. Name the Australian Design Centre’s ten Living Treasures Masters of Australian Craft?

2. Name the two most used colours in the work of Living Treasures potter Prue Venables.

3. Which Sydney designer started her career selling designed objects at Paddington Market and now leads the way as an environmental design activist?

4. Which year did Yayoi Kusama’s spectacular inflatables fill the entrance to ADC’s gallery at Customs House?

5. Where are the Tjanpi Desert Weavers located? (available in Object Shop)

a)    Arnhem Land in the north east of the Northern Territory

b)    The NPY lands in Central Australia

c)    Elcho Island, an island off Northern Territory

d)    Moa Island in the Torres Strait

6. How many Australian women designers have designed work for Australia’s national airline Qantas?

7. In weaving, the threads that go up and down on the loom are called the warp. What are the threads that go side to side called?

8. A chaise longue by which famous Australian designer retained its title in 2015 as the world's most expensive design object, after selling at auction for more than £2 million?

9. Which Newcastle-based artist recently made Damascus kitchen knives that are currently in ADC’s Object Space window gallery?

10. Which city council immediately responded to support the local creative communities that contribute enormously to our culture and economy?

11. When did Creative New Zealand announce a COVID-19 artist support package?

a)    20 March 2020

b)    2 April 2020

c)    13 April 2020

12. Ceramics dates back to 24,000 BC, but in what country did porcelain originate?

a)    Italy

b)    Greece

c)    China

d)    Japan

e)    Angola

13. Which Australian Prime Minister’s wife was an outspoken advocate and supporter for Australian fashion designers?

14. How many tiles cover the sails of the Sydney Opera House, designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon?

a)    Around 300,000

b)    455,867

c)    More than 1 million

d)    Nobody knows

15. What features in the work of Sydney designers Outer Island and Eggpicnic?

16. Which unusual material did Sydney jeweller Kyoko Hashimoto use to create the balls in this necklace, shown as part of the exhibition Profile 19?

17. Name ten Australian designers who have designed the gifts our Prime Minister gives to international hosts or guests? 

18. Who wove the tapestry in the Great Hall in Parliament House in Canberra and who was the artist?

19. Which architect did Grant and Mary Featherston commission to design their home in the 1960s?

a)    Robin Boyd

b)    Roy Grounds

c)    Peter McIntyre

d)    Graeme Gunn

20. How many people work in the creative industries in Australia?

a)    295,670

b)    507,900

c)    611,000

21. Which iconic Australian wallpaper and fabric designer was murdered by an unknown assailant in 1977?

22. What is the annual economic contribution to GDP of Australia’s creative industries?

a)    $69.6 billion

b)    $111.7 billion

c)    $124.4 billion

23. What is the signature material of Adelaide jeweller Kath Inglis, whose work is included in the ADC On Tour exhibition Obsessed: Compelled to make?

a)    Resin

b)    Acrylic sheet

c)    Glass

d)    PVC

24. Which Sydney streets follow the same path as trails created by Aboriginal people before the First Fleet arrived in 1788?

a)    George Street

b)    Oxford Street

c)    King Street in Newtown

d)    All of the above

25. Who designed the crockery Australian embassies use to entertain international guests?

26. Who designed the Gadigal Mural in Barnett Lane?

27. Who designed the space for ADC’s Object Gallery in Surry Hills in 2008?

28. Who designed the space for Australian Design Centre in Darlinghurst? 

29. Which Australian costume designer, production designer and set designer has won four Academy Awards for her work on two films?

30. Australian artist Arlene Textaqueen created ‘Ace of Spades’ in 2013, which was shown at ADC’s exhibition Response last year, who was the weaver?

31. Who designed Australia’s decimal currency?

32. When was 3D printing invented?

a)    1980s

b)    1990s

c)    2000s

d)    2010s

33. Who is the NSW Minister for the Arts?

34. Which Australian designer worked with BioPak to design and produce their biodegradable packaging?

35. Fred Ward is a well-known Australian:

a)    Glass artist

b)    Furniture designer

c)    Ceramicist

d)    Architect

37. Which Australian creative studio works with artists with intellectual disabilities? (Available from Object Shop)



1. Mavis Ganambarr (upcoming), Prue Venables, Lola Greeno, Nick Mount, Robert Baines, Jeff Mincham, Liz Williamson, Marion Hosking, Klaus Moje, Les Blakebrough. 2. Black and white 3. Liane Rossler 4. 2000 5. b) The NPY lands in Central Australia 6. We don’t know but we are keen to find out! Email us at if you know. 7. Weft 8. Marc Newson 9. Dianne Beevers 10. City of Sydney 11. a) 20 March 2020 12. c) China 13. Annita Keating 14. c) More than 1 million 15. Birds 16. Sandstone 17. We don’t know but we are keen to find out! Email us at if you know. 18. Victorian Tapestry Workshop (now Australian Tapestry Workshop), Arthur Boyd 19. a) Robin Boyd 20. c) 611,000 (link) 21. Florence Broadhurst 22. b) $111.7 billion 23. b) PVC 24. d) all of the above 25. We don’t know but we are keen to find out! Email us at if you know. 26. Jason Wing, Dennis Golding, Lucy Simpson 27. Sam Marshall 28. Those Architects 29. Catherine Martin 30. Hilary Green 31. Gordon Andrews 32. a) 1980s 33. Gladys Berejiklian (at 15 April 2020) 34. Andrew Simpson 35. b) Furniture designer 36. Studio A

Image Credits: Prue Venables, White bowl and Black tea caddy, 2017. Photo: Terence Bogue. Martha Protty and Nyinku Kulitja at Docker River. Photo: R Hammerton ©Tjanpi Desert Weavers, NPY Womens Council. Dianne Beevers, Damascus Knife, 2019 Photo: Courtesy of the Artist. Kyoko Hashimoto, Sandstone Musubi Neckpiece, 2019. Photo. Courtesy of the artist. Kath Inglis, Banksia earrings. Photo: Courtesy of the artist. Gadigal Mural by Jason Wing, Dennis Golding and Lucy Simpson, 2019. Photo: Courtesy of ADC. ADC Gallery during Profile 2019 exhibition. Photo: Rhiannon Hopley. Arlene Textaqueen, Woven by Hilary Green, Ace of Spades, 2003. Photo: Australian Tapestry Workshop. Studio A photo for Art Bites. Photo: Tanja Bruckner.