ADC on behalf of the Australian Craft and Design Centres (ADCD) network ran an online sector survey over the month of May 2020 seeking to understand the specific impact of the Covid-19 on Australian creative practitioners and arts workers. 

There were 405 individual responses to the survey. 

Survey key findings:

 76% of respondents have lost income from their creative practice as a result of Covid19.

 56% report losing income from their secondary jobs also.

31% of respondents report expect to lose between $10,000 - $50,000 of their annual income. 

The majority (59%) have NOT been able to access JobSeeker or Job Keeper so are struggling with income insecurity. 

More than 60% of respondents will continue with their creative practice once things go on but sadly 6% report they will not and, understandably, 11% don’t know. 

 Creatives whose work depends on casual events, workshops, markets and retails have really struggled during this time. There is concern for the future based on tourism and reopening of retail after Covid-19 and with the economic outlook. 

There are many comments relating to isolation and income stress leading to mental health issues.  

Help is requested in finding and writing applications for grants and creative opportunities.

Many creatives are seeking support with mentoring, marketing, digital sales and training, and developing the business side of their creative practices.  

81% of respondents are women who raised issues of juggling creativity with parenting and childcare. 

Thank you to all the respondents for taking the time to complete the survey.  These results will help us to continue the work that we do to advocate on behalf of everyone in our sector.

Resources for artists, makers and creatives:

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