*New Project* Design | Isolate

This time of pandemic is surreal, isolating, traumatic, tragic, frustrating, inevitable. Whatever you think it is, it’s something we have never experienced before.  It’s a time for a reset in terms of how we live and design is key.  

Designers and creative thinkers are uniquely equipped to imagine new ways of living, working, engaging with others in families, societies and urban environments.

‘Design Isolate’ is an Australian Design Centre initiative to show how creative thought can help us all to make sense of this time and lead the way for change.  

We’ve invited 100 designers/creative thinkers to document their thoughts on Covid-19, isolation, what ‘a new normal’ Australia might look like, how they are effected and how design might contribute to recovery post-pandemic.

The wonderful people at Corban & Blair have partnered with us to create a blank canvas for designers to create their ‘analogue’ design statement about this unprecedented time that we are all living through. Over the next four weeks these leading creative thinkers will use a handmade Corban & Blair journal to capture their thoughts in sketches, diagrams, drawings, text, collage. 

We can’t wait to see what they do and we look forward to sharing it with you on the other side.  

 Image: Just a few of the designers taking part in Design | Isolate are: Natalie Rosin, Honor Freeman, Mark Ian Jones, Pennie Jagiello and Blake Griffiths, 2020. Photos: Courtesy of the artists. 

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