Jo Jarosinska is a UNSW Art & Design student, who is currently in her honours year of a Bachelor of Design degree. She has completed an internship at the Australian Design Centre working on the inaugural Sydney Craft Week.

Q. Jo, you’ve been working here at ADC as an intern for three months, what are your impressions?
Working as part of the team here at ADC has been such a great experience for me. Everyone here has such a genuine enthusiasm for the designers, makers and events they are putting on, it’s been an absolute pleasure to be immersed in that environment. My internship involved helping put together the inaugural Sydney Craft Week, which has also given me new insight into just how many dedicated creative professionals work here in Sydney!

Q. What has been the best thing about the internship?
It was so gratifying to see a really big project like Sydney Craft Week go from idea to reality.  Doing an internship at the ADC allowed me to have a much broader set of experiences than I might have had in a design department of a larger corporation. It was great to be able to work across graphic design, writing, promotion, and then actually attend events and meet the makers. I also have to say how exciting it was to contribute my own artwork to some of the promotional material for Sydney Craft Week 2018!

Q. What aspect of curating interests you most?
What is of particular interest to me at the moment is how the discourse around hand-made design has changed in recent years, as more people are coming to admire things that are slowly crafted rather than cheaply mass-produced. I think it’s fantastic that the ADC promotes the continuation of traditional arts and crafts, while also showcasing the innovation that occurs when traditional methods combine with emerging technologies.

Q. What’s next for you?
Now I have to get back to the honours project that I put on pause while completing my internship!  My project involves fostering engagement in the live music community through curated live shows and limited-edition album releases. Making hand-made merchandise has always been an important part of the underground music scene and I think that creating physical objects is a powerful antidote to the digital fatigue we often feel nowadays. I’m about to screen-print 300 covers for our first compilation vinyl LP, which should keep me busy through to 2018!  

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Photo: Penny Craswell, ADC 

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