13 May 2016

Funding decision cuts deep into design

The Australian Design Centre (ADC) has been notified that we were unsuccessful in the Australia Council for the Arts' four year grant round for small to medium arts organisations.

ADC Director, Lisa Cahill said, "While we warmly congratulate those who were successful, we are stunned by this decision. The Australian Design Centre exists among the most innovative arts institutions in the country. With a 50-year reputation in design and creativity, it is a history that gives the organisation substantial credibility as an authority in creative arts, craft and design. Along with this has come a reputation for innovative thinking and creative thought leadership."

The Federal Government has invested significantly in the Australian Design Centre over many years. We were one of the highest funded organisations in the previous four year funding round and the only organisation to receive an increase. We consistently receive support for our celebrated touring exhibitions, in 2015 alone receiving over $220,000 for Shapeshifters: 3D Printing the Future that will tour Australia and to research and investigate a new project on the power of making.

"Australia Council funding provides the infrastructure to support our national touring program. Without this core operational funding our touring program that brings craft and design to audiences around the country and supports hundreds of makers and designers is at risk", said Lisa Cahill.

ADC Board member Oliver Smith said, "At a time when the Federal Government is talking up innovation and the so-called ideas boom as the keys to Australia’s future prosperity, the championing of design and interdisciplinary collaboration is vital. The organisation prides itself on showcasing the leading thinkers in the field and the greatest makers whose skills, imagination and inventiveness influence the world".

The Federal Government has reduced funding to such an extent that so many organisations, like our own, that have made a substantial contribution to Australia’s cultural landscape are now forced to consider their ongoing viability.

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