Lucy Simpson

Yuwaalaraay woman Lucy Simpson, founder of Gaawaa Miyay (2009), is a process led trans-disciplinary designer / artist / maker who works across a range of mediums including graphics, textiles, object and spatial design from interiors to public installation.

We asked Lucy three questions about her experience of isolation, completing this journal and her hope for the future. These are her responses:

Describe the experience of the period of isolation for you.

This period of isolation has been complex, uncertain and trying on many levels. I have been able to navigate this space, process events and maintain a level of balance through the busyness of my hands. Marking time with tangible thought and mapping of moments of exchange and memory through making, drawing painting and remembering.

What does your book represent and how did you approach the challenge?
I have used my journal as a means to communicate time place and relationships through connections to mark making and visual storytelling and relationships with Gamilaraay/ Yuwaalaraay country story philosophy and language.

What do you hope will change in Australia as a result of the pandemic?

My hope is that we will emerge from this time of isolation and separation, sickness and conflict remembering and understanding the importance of relationships and responsibility - both to each other and to gunimaa (the mother/earth).

Gaawaa Miyay (river daughter) is Lucy’s creative studio practice. She has exhibited, created, collaborated and consulted on an array of projects and conceptual works over the past decade which speak of country, memory, time, experience, and notions of exchange.

View Lucy Simpson's journal here:

Image: Lucy Simpson, Design/Isolate Journal (detail), 2020