Adrian Lawson

Adrian Lawson is a self-taught designer and manufacturer. He grew up on a remote Scottish island where repurposing materials to alternative needs was part of everyday life. This concept was a theme throughout his career and has taken on a new form since migrating to Australia with - recycled lighting.

When Adrian moved to Australia in 2009 he noticed that good quality wooden venetian blinds were being discarded and heading for landfill. This prompted him to wonder what possible alternative future they might have. It was from this question that the concept of upcycling wooden venetian blinds into light fittings began. The uniquely designed slat ring holder, takes advantage of the blinds prior cord holes, thereby reducing waste.

Adrian’s recycled lighting has recently been placed in the selection for a Good Design Award in Sydney that is to take place on June the 8th 2017.


What is your 'origin story'?! Where did it all start?

It started as a child growing up on a small Scottish island called Colonsay where recycling was normal due to the difficulty in getting things from the mainland. The locals were all quite skilled at making things so this was passed on through the generations. As I got older and realised my interests in art, architecture and design, I channeled these early influences into my creative process.

Describe the last thing you made?

One of my Brasilia shades made from recycled venetian blinds for a customer in Canberra.

Who should we be following on Instagram? Who are your favourite local makers?

Todd Merrill Studio in NYC exhibits fascinating work reflecting the space where art and design collide. Henry Wilson Studio is one of my local favourites.

Tell us about your dream project ambitions?!

To produce a floor lamp and table lamp using the same concept as the shades. These products would initially be aimed at the local market but I would eventually like to sell them through international websites such as Archiproducts.

What is your favourite spot in Sydney and why?

The terraced streets of Paddington, everything a beautiful urban environment should be.