AM PM Ceramics


AMPM Ceramics (Anne Masters Potters Mark) is a small bespoke jewellery, art and design practice by Canberra-based maker Anne Masters. Anne thinks about ceramics all day and night, and primarily works with Australian­ Southern Ice Porcelain for its translucent and vivid white qualities.

Anne’s patterns are inspired by floral, fir, and quilt textures. Her earrings are perfect for both day and evening wear.

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Image: AM PM Ceramics, Gloss Black Quilt earrings. Photo: Mel Hill Photography; Anne Masters portrait with Blue Wren. Photo: Mel Hill Photography


What is your 'origin story'?! Where did it all start?
I started my practice when I graduated from ANU School of Art Ceramics Workshop. Like most artists I had to start in my garage as I couldn't afford a studio or kiln. A few years later, my husband and I bought the smallest house in Watson, Canberra as it happened to have a studio and garage. Having a space meant that I could concentrate on making a bespoke collection and I always envisaged patterns on small earrings that could be a 'go to' and transition from day to night. I created my classic collection based on my love of fashion, travel and floral patterns. I love creating ceramic works as I think about my practice all day and all night. Hence the name AM PM ceramics. It's also my potters mark - Anne Masters Potters Mark.

Describe the last thing you made? 
My birds. I love my small birds as I've always made small things. Australian birdlife is magnificent and we are so lucky to have such a wide range of species. Although some are becoming endangered and through making my birds I hope to highlight their plight. My birds are white with patterns and designed to be hand held. They look beautiful on a window sill where the light pours through their patterned holes.

What part of the making process do you enjoy the most?
Gosh there are so many processes that in some cases it can be 10 stages to make one product. I enjoy holding my birds when I have to pierce them with a dremmil tool (like the dentist use) and I can't help but 'talk' to my birds to say I'll be quick! It seems silly but it's the most intimate feeling to be that close to your work and know they get to 'fly' to a new home. It's also like my earrings - I love it when I see someone wearing them as I know they have been made with lots of care and attention.