Ben Edols is a Sydney based glassblower who specialises in Venetian glassblowing techniques. His work ranges from functional jugs and bowls to unique vessels and sculptures that are held in the collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum, The National Gallery of Australia and the Museum of Art and Design in New York, among many others.

The series of work available at Object Shop involves a technique called cane work which is an intricate technique using thin rods of coloured glass. This style was used by the original masters of glass, the Venetians. He is greatly inspired by these complex decorative glass blowing techniques. Ben has spent his professional life mastering these skills and is considered one of Australia's most accomplished glassblowers.

Kathy Elliott and Benjamin Edols have been working collaboratively since 1993, transforming the tradition and craftsmanship of glass blowing into contemporary and poetic works of art. Their free-flowing, colourful glassworks - including lights, functional bowls, vases, jugs, and of course, sculptures - have been exhibited in Australia and around the world.

Image: Ben Edols, Glass Jugs with Stirrer. Photo courtesy of the artist.