Erin Keys


Primarily working with mild steel, Erin Keys uses both traditional and industrial jewellery making processes. Each design is individually drawn. Beginning with pen and paper, the image is then traced, scanned and re-worked using a computer program to make laser-cut ready files that are formed by hand, and finally powder coated. From her workshop, Erin also works with individuals and couples to create pieces that are unique to them. From engagement and wedding rings to small keep sake gifts.

Erin Keys graduated in Jewellery and Object Design in 2001. She has trained under various jewellers, exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally, participated in artist residencies and sold her production range throughout Australia. Moving to Sydney in 2010 she helped establish SquarePeg Studios, a workshop for emerging and established jewellers to work together in a creative and supportive environment.

Erin Keys, small powder coated necklace and cuff, 2015. Photo credit: Erin Keys