Gillian Hodes


Gillian Hodes creates fine translucent porcelain pieces which are both functional and sculptural. Her pieces are inspired by the colours of the Australian outdoors, particularly sky, ocean and outback.

Seduced by three dimensional forms, she finds the process of making brings her to a calm, meditative and happy space, and hopes to bring these feelings into the home through her work.


What is your 'origin story'?! Where did it all start? 

I strongly recall collecting clay from tall, pale, grey antheaps out in the bush when I was a child back in Zimbabwe (when it was still called Rhodesia.) We mixed the dry dust with water from a tap in the back yard and “squished” it until it became plastic. I recall squatting in a circle with some local children, making a cow out of the clay we had collected and made. I felt tremendous excitement that I could depict something life-like using mud. That child-like joy returned a few years ago: I was taking a sabbatical from work and I attended my first ever sculpture class, at Waverley Woollahra Art School. I sculpted a life model in clay and was hooked. By the end of that year I had applied to, and been accepted by the National Art School, which has led me to where I am now.

Describe the last thing you made? 

I have just returned from an Artist Residency on Flinders Island, in the Bass Strait. I have worked with cobalt blue for some time, but on the island, the intense colours of the pristine ocean and sky brought turquoise, mauve, yellow and orange into my palette, and I made a series of Blue Mountainscapes and Sunset Tumblers.

What part of the making process do you enjoy the most?

The actual making of the item - the feel of the clay between my fingers as it responds to me, and the challenge and joy of seeing how we work together at a given moment in time.

Who should we be following on Instagram? Who are your favourite local makers? 

John Tuckwell @porcelainjohn and Mollie Bosworth @molliebosworth

What's next on the horizon for you? 

Having just returned from the Flinders Island Artist Residency, I just want to make, make make, and explore different colour palettes in my Mountainscape and Seascape series.