Julie Pennington


Julie Pennington is a ceramicist based in Canberra, ACT. Her practice is primarily concerned with making porcelain objects, with a particular focus on the vessel as a starting point. Her technique of building with textured coils allows the form and the surface pattern to be created simultaneously, and to reveal the activity of making.

"I work in a fairly intuitive way, inspiration from the natural world is very often a springboard for ideas, as well as my love for textiles and basketry. I enjoy working with white and other monochromatic colours that allow me to play with positive and negative space, light and shadow."


Images: Julie Pennington, Vessels, 2017. Photo: Andrew Sikorski; Julie Pennington, Spiky Vessel, 2017. Photo Andrew Sikorski


What is your 'origin story'?! Where did it all start?
My early professional background was in education. My path to pursuing a more creative career began with working as a textile designer. I became interested in transforming designs on to 3D objects. Initially I began decorating on greenware provided to me, but soon decided to make my own forms, and so began my studies in ceramics!

Describe the last thing you made?
My most recent work has been small porcelain vessels forms made using finely rolled and textured coils. The coils are placed carefully one on top of the other with slip, careful not to disturb the texture too much.

What part of the making process do you enjoy the most?
I enjoy the very direct approach of hand building, with little need for tools or other processes to make my forms.

Who should we be following on Instagram? Who are your favourite local makers?
@helenearlart @amykennedyceramics @molliebosworth @vipooart

What's next on the horizon for you?
I will be experimenting with broadening the textural qualities of my work, and have been thinking a lot about bringing some colour back into my ceramics. Having recently moved to Canberra, I am still working on re-establishing a studio space, and connecting with the Canberra arts community.