Sofie Neuendorf is an Australian ceramic artist who was raised with a love and appreciation for the arts. This love extended to her discovering wheel throwing as a teenager. Sofie pursued a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Arts) at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) graduating in 2016.

During her studies, Sofie created 'Lunio by Sofie' as a creative outlet. Lunio means 'shape' or 'form' in Welsh and personifies the way Sofie sees the world and how this affects the design and creation of her work. She is inspired by the verdant hills of the rainforest, which is the daily view from her home studio in the Northern Rivers, NSW. Pieces are exclusively handmade by Sofie, bisque and glaze fired in a variety of kilns, including wood, gas and electric.

Sofie has created a range of mugs in a selection of glazes that are her most sought after work. However, she gets the most joy from throwing unique vases that are made to become statement decor pieces. Her creations are functional objects to be used at home every day as well for special occasions.