Object and Ceramic Design (OCD) | Susan Chen is a Sydney based ceramic artist who creates both functional and sculptural artwork. Susan is meticulous about details and considers every aspect of the creative process, from ideation to production, a significant part of the completed work. The pieces are created using the slip casting technique and finished by hand.

Susan never set out to be a ceramic artist, but rather fell under the ceramic spell while studying slip casting as an elective for her Industrial Design degree. She combines her love of design and object art to create simple and sophisticated functional ware that can double as artwork in its own right.

Susan completed her Master of Fine Arts (Ceramics) at The Sydney College of the Arts in 2017. Previously she completed a Bachelor of Design (Industrial), with honours in 2004 and a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Ceramics) with first class honours in 2012.

Currently she is exploring the possibilities of 3D ceramic printing and investigating how this new digital process can be utilised to create a unique and innovative approach to this traditional medium.


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Image: Susan Chen, Fold Collection in Basalt, 2021. Photo: Courtesy of the artist.