The Rum Club


The Rum Club was created in 2001 by Gretchen van Martin. She is influenced by a love of travel, fashion, art, colour, and vintage collecting. Celebrating accessories that are like exclamations to an outfit, this latest collection is a range of limited edition wearable objects - pieces for the neck and wrist. Made of coconut wood, each piece has been hand-cut, dyed, sun-dried and hand assembled in Melbourne.

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What is your 'origin story'?! Where did it all start?  

As a little girl, the dressing up box was my favourite place! Layers, colours, textures, costumes, things that broke unity, were unexpected, and usually oversized. I'm still like that, and I have troves of accessories from my travels, flea markets and worldwide souvenir collecting. I'm most passionate about anything to do with nature though, a reason I love this new collection which is made of coconut wood. 

Describe the last thing you made? 

My lunch! Artichoke ravioli with a lemon sauce and gremolata.

What part of the making process do you enjoy the most? 

People, people, people! It's all about the different people I get to meet, interact and collaborate with.

Who should we be following on Instagram? Who are your favourite local makers? 

@woollyworlds - a friend of mine, Charlie, who makes quirky, playful worlds out of wool. @isabel_avendano_hazbun - Melbourne based designer producing experimental works in timber and textiles. @juliadeville - contemporary jewellery work informed by a fascination with the acceptance of death expressed in Memento Mori jewellery. I love Instagram, I could go on and on...

What's next on the horizon for you? 

More wearable art, perhaps some head-wear, belts, and feathered bags.