Sassy Park


Sassy Park is a Sydney-based artist who came to ceramics from a background in painting. Much of her clay work is created out of a motivation to find new surfaces on which to paint.

Irreverent and whimsical, humourous and thoughtful, the subjects of Sassy's ceramic work extend from the human condition, personal texts, Australiana and the natural world. Through a range of different techniques, her jewellery and objects strive to be beautiful as well as expressing meaning about her society and world.

Object Shop Maker Q&A 

Can you tell us about your new work?

The 7-11 tea bowls use the traditional and highly revered forms of Japanese ceramic combined with the logo of the ever present convenience store to create a singular contemporary object. Developed during an artist residency in Onishi, Japan, they were inspired by the 7-11 stores which were a place for survival and sustenance for visiting artists. Here we could find fresh sushi, salads, iced coffee, green tea ice-cream and hygienically superior toilets. The 7-11 tea bowls and cups were first exhibited in Japan where they were a success with the local audience.

The making of an object, giving it a narrative or developing an idea, whether it is rooted in an archetypal form or more sculptural shape is what interests me.