studio MAAIKE

Furniture Designer

Maaike Pullar is a furniture designer and maker, exploring texture and soft sculptural forms in functional applications, creating pieces which foster a strong relationship between owner and object. Textiles are a medium which offer boundless possibility. studio MAAIKE places strong emphasis on experimentation, navigating the complex terrain between inherent material properties and external forces. This approach, to follow materials down the garden path, results in surprising moments and new directions which engage users beyond function, creating textures and palettes that bring joy, time and time again. Each bench, ottoman and stool is unique, made by hand in NSW.


What is your 'origin story'?! Where did it all start? 

I began resurrecting furniture while studying Interior Design. A hands on process lead by material characteristics provided the antidote to a field that felt very removed from production. Those early armchairs were a gateway into a full time studio practice. Over time the studio has evolved from producing unrestrained, bespoke art-as-furniture, to the development of a signature collection of customizable designs which refine an enthusiasm for colour, character and texture through a process that respects champions detail.

Describe the last thing you made?

A new prototype of a bench design I've been working on. There's still a strong focus on texture, but i'm adding colour into the mix, and it's been a delight to assemble palettes of various textiles, from moody blue velvets to bight felts and vintage panels through to rusty reds and retro prints.

What part of the making process do you enjoy the most?

All of it! Sourcing fabrics, prototyping new ideas, re-producing old ideas. The nature of my practice means that no two pieces are ever the same, even when they're the same design. There's always room for expression and new discoveries when you work with your hands

Who should we be following on Instagram? Who are your favourite local makers?

Australian - Aleida Pullar (@aleidapullar) for gorgeous functional porcelain and swoony green landscapes, Jo Victoria for her "wall lace" (@jo_victoria_mud), Publisher textiles (@pubtextiles) are doing wonderful work with indigenous community designs, fusing them with contemporary fashion. aVOCa Bricolage (@avocabricolage) for always finding the landscapes and assemblies that resonate. international - Lesley Oschmann of Swarm (@mcduffo) for colour & texture, @_jujujust_ for more wild colour and texture.

What's next on the horizon for you?

I'm working on the next pieces in the new furniture line, some benches and small occasional furniture. I'm also adding to my DIY Workshop offerings to provide a gateway to other makers and textile enthusiasts.

Photo: Mollusc stools by Maaike Pullar