Susan Solomon


Susan is a Ceramist, Ikebana and Watercolour Sydney based artist born in Cape Town, South Africa.

She has studied, lived and exhibited extensively abroad, most recently gaining a following in Asia.  

Making all her pieces by hand, nature and family have inspired her ceramic pieces available at Object Shop.


What is your 'origin story'?! Where did it all start? 

I started doing ikebana in Singapore and loved the the medium, however I found that the vases were so stagnant and machine made. I discovered ceramics and started to make unique pieces in order to achieve the best of both: showing off ikebana in a hand made vase.

Describe the last thing you made?

A tall vase which I used Zinc Oxide to produce the textured blue green result, overlaid on a black background which is marked with a pattern. The name of this piece is Prefidia.

Tell us about your dream project ambitions?!

To do big installations. I have two in mind. One is using dummies from clothing stores from around the world. The other is doing Christmas trees from around the world using different hand made wire installations. Each year I create a new one for my home. Last year my tree was wire and I used pegs from the washing line to great effect!

What is your favourite spot in Sydney and why?

Wendy's Secret Garden. I'm a great fan of Brett Whiteley. Its stunningly beautiful and I've used some of the scenes as inspiration for my Watercolour work.