The granddaughter of a traditional jeweller, Marika Svikis has always had an eye for design. Recently completing a degree in architecture, the Sydney designer hit the ground running in 2017 with the launch of her own jewellery label - svikis. - and her debut Ando Collection of statement and stacking rings. 2018 sees svikis. continue to grow with the launch of the Fujimoto Collection pendants, another expression of Marika's love for contemporary Japanese architecture and minimalism. Drawing upon architect Sou Fujimoto for inspiration, the Fujimoto Collection features pendants that are both simple and complex in their geometries, clean lines, mesmerising illusions and eye-catching textured finishes. Utilising 3d printing technology, the pendants are designed with architectural precision. Each pendant is 3d printed in steel, with a variety of finishes such as Satin Steel, Rustic Bronze + Onyx.

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Image: svikis, Naoshima pendant, 2018. Photo courtesy of the artist; Markia Svikis, portrait. Photo courtesy of the artist.


What is your 'origin story'?! Where did it all start?

svikis. jewellery started out of a love for designing and making, and inspiration from my grandfather. I always admired his experimental jewellery making and vividly remember running around his workshop as a kid. There was wall to wall of all kind of tools imaginable! I even use some of them today. svikis. is influenced heavily by minimalism and Japanese architecture, my love for which evolved through studying architecture at UTS. We were taught 3d modelling and I was excited to experiment with 3d printing for jewellery. It allows me to design both simple and complex geometries which would be extremely difficult to do using traditional jewellery making methods!

Describe the last thing you made?
The last thing I made was actually a hand-sketched illustration for a birthday present.

What part of the making process do you enjoy the most?
I enjoy prototyping 3d prints before landing on a final design. It's always exciting seeing something which exists only in a computer come to life!

Who should we be following on Instagram? Who are your favourite local makers?
There are so many incredible local makers that I follow. To name a few - Carl Noonan (@carlnoonanjewellery), TAMMY LUK (@tammy_luk), Albert Tse (@alberttsemetalsmith), DOOLHAUS (@doolhaus). There's so many more but it could take up the whole page.

What's next on the horizon for you?
Next on the horizon for me is exploring 3d printing further and casting in precious metals. I've got some plans to expand upon current collections in the next few months.