Vert Design

Plastic waste from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is washing up in our tides onto our beaches - Vert design found a way to transform those salvaged plastic into beautifully designed objects. Ocean Collection cuffs are created from salvaged ocean plastic, meaning each piece is unique. The low-pressure injection moulding process makes it possible to over-mould CNC cut brass with the collected plastic, which is inherently an assortment of different polymer types.

Vert is a Sydney-based studio and design house led by industrial designer Andrew Simpson. Founded in 2005, the studio operates as a testing ground for new concepts and self-initiated experimentation, as well as offering design concepts, modelling, prototyping and manufacturing to clients from niche boutique brands, to multinational organisations. This approach at the process edge of making has led to innovations and technological advancements, such as the sustainable reuse of materials, all of which inform Vert’s product design output. Vert works across industrial design, strategy and craft including industrial and medical products, glass, ceramics, furniture, lighting, consumer electronics, wearable tech, fashion, jewellery, eyewear, boats, shelters, and automotive parts.

Vert is a dynamic team of designers who combine the expertise of a commercial design practice with the innovation of a small production house. Depending on individual assignments, Vert has at their disposal a select group of talented collaborators including engineers, doctors, architects, artists and illustrators available to produce an ideal combination for each project.