Ceramics and jewellery

Established in 2013, Woodfolk believes in honesty, compassion and being kind to our environment. Woodfolk work in harmony with both natural materials and communities in need to create beautiful pieces for everyday wear, that bring warmth and creativity. Woodfolk products are proudly designed in Australia by jeweller and designer Julia Denes in collaboration with Nepali artisans, where the wood components are handmade. All ceramic beads & homewares, silver-smithing, stringing, and the finishing of each piece is completed in a studio in Sydney. With 10 years experience in the Fine Jewellery industry, Julia uses her passion, knowledge and skill to bring to life each beautiful piece. Made for the Globally Conscious Woman, each piece is simple, yet effortless, comfortable to wear and soft to touch.


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Images: Woodfolk, Mountain Vases, 2018. Photo: Marnie Hawson; Julia Denes, portrait. Photo: Marnie Hawson


What is your 'origin story'?! Where did it all start? 

As a designer and jeweller by trade, I have 10 years’ experience creating Fine Jewellery for prominent Jewellery houses around Australia and for private clients. I loved working with metal, diamonds and gemstones but at some point, started to feel drawn to more natural materials for example wood and ceramics. Combining this new found appreciated of these materials with my love of all things natural and ethical, I launched Woodfolk in August 2013. Woodfolk has given me the opportunity to express my creativity and apply my trade in a more authentic way, with inspiration coming from nature, my travels in third world countries and collaborations with the artisans I work with and their cultures.

What part of the making process do you enjoy the most? 
I really love glazing my ceramics, and layering colours to create new depths of colour. I also find it very exciting opening the kiln to find out how they've turned out.

Who should we be following on Instagram? Who are your favourite local makers? 
All ceramics of course, I love the work of these ladies: Jo Norton, Jo Hoban, Keiko Matsui, Judith Hoffman and Jennifer Hillhouse.