Workshopped is an innovative Australian company that exhibits, manufactures and retails Australian and New Zealand design products, to commercial and residential markets.

Object Shop features the selected work of two Workshopped designers: 1984 Porcelain fishbowl designed by Danny Cheung and Ellipse tissue holder designed by Rowan Wagner.

Danny Cheung

Life inside a goldfish bowl ain't a lot of fun without a little privacy! The intention with 1984 was to create a true sense of abode for our beloved little friends; solid white walls and three generous (domed) portholes with views from the hallway to the living room. The fishbowl was inspired by and takes its name from the novel 1984 by George Orwell. The design is innovative in meeting the needs of a non-human species, a design which ironically engages our own instinctive curiosity. The domed portholes effectively create an ethereal magnifying lens for compelling entertainment. The fish use the opaque walls for refuge and peer out the windows when curiosity strikes. The 1984 Fishbowl represents WORKSHOPPED's first foray into manufacturing and realises its core objective of assisting designers to move from prototype to production, turning ideas into a commercial reality; ready for the world stage.

Danny Cheung studied as an Industrial Designer and this design was in the first Workshopped exhibition in 2001. It took 2 years to develop as Workshopped took the project on for making the 1984 fishbowl as a small production.

Rowan Wagner

Ellipse incorporates good design, hygienic, sustainable materials and Japanese Zen style. Seemingly floating tissues are held in place by a polished marine grade stainless steel ring. The bamboo tray ensures the tissues are kept elevated from the counter surface while bamboo’s natural anti-bacterial properties assist in maintaining a hygienic stack of fresh tissues. The weight and shape of the stainless steel ring creates an even tissue distribution while allowing individual tissues to pull easily through without tear or disruption.

Rowan Wagner studied Industrial and Product Design and currently designs children's toys for a Melbourne company.