Bright Young Minds at ADC

School Visits & Modfab 3D Printing Workshops

The ADC Gallery was brimming with youthful energy and enthusiasm this week, thanks to 3D Printing & CAD workshops led by our Learning Partner, Modfab and school visits to our current exhibition Shapeshifters: 3D Printing the Future.

Annoyed with that tangled mess of headphones at the bottom of your bag? Design & Technology students from Burwood Girls High School have the solution. Bringing their clever designs for headphone winders to 3D printed life with the help of Modfab, these students learned to balance practicality with creativity (and a little quirkiness) in design thinking.

Under Modfab’s expert guidance, students from Ryde Secondary College put their minds to crafting data on TinkerCAD software, and devised solutions for an egg-drop design challenge led by King Coal sculptor, Louis Pratt. Luckily for the ADC Team the talent of these young designers meant we only had one broken egg to clean up!

Year Four students from The Emanuel School brought with them eager minds full of challenging questions for their tour of Shapeshifters: 3D Printing the Future and designer’s talk with Louis Pratt. Ready to take on rigorous debates concerning anything from artificial intelligence to just how cute Louis’ pet duck is, these bright young minds thrilled the ADC team with their readiness and energy.

There’s certainly nothing stronger than the imagination and enthusiasm of young minds to remind us of the power of design.

Feeling inspired? There’s still places left in Modfab’s 3D Printing & CAD Workshops held at the ADC Gallery, Sydney.

Georgia Windrum, Programs Producer