Primary School workshop

Indigenous Design

We recently welcomed a group of enthusiastic primary school students from Redfern Jarjum College to ADC for a workshop with our Indigenous Design artist, Nicole Monks.

The kids spent the morning chatting with Nicole about her exhibition, design, how she became a designer, and how they could become one too!

Talking through the design process and the importance of stories and history, was met with endless, animated stories of the students own. Seeing a boomerang and how that inspired Nicole's boomerang chair 'walarnu', and feeling the 'bounce' in the 'waburn-waburn' chair, connected the children from the story to the design.

Using their own stories to prototype, the students became the makers, weaving raffia bracelets and kangaroo armbands, with the off cut leather from Nicole’s 'marlu' range.

Sitting on the Jarjums Collection rugs donated by The Rug Collection Australia, designed by Darlington Public School indigenous students and Wirriimbi Designs, the lifecycle of the design process and the possibilities of a career in design seemed not so far away.

A big thank you to Nicole for sharing her enthusiasm, stories and skills, and mentoring Indigenous Design opportunities for the next generation.