Maisy Stapleton

ADC Supporter

Maisy Stapleton trained as an architect but followed her interest in the arts as a career.
Maisy has worked in museums and cultural organisations and was the inaugural CEO of Museums and Galleries NSW. She is now an arts broadcaster on Eastside 89.7fm with a broad remit, including design, Asian Arts in Australia and cultural leadership. You can listen to her show every Thursday fortnight.

We spoke to Maisy about why she supports the Australian Design Centre.

Why did you first get involved with the Australian Design Centre?
My long-term relationship began with its predecessors, and former iterations. I bought some craft and then when the focus shifted to design, enjoyed the design exhibitions and publications and of course, the retail adjuncts. I’ve had a good relationship with all of the ADC’s directors and respect their various approaches and I’m delighted to see the emphasis on learning, on children and on making.

How do you describe the organisation to others?
I call it a centre for the creative realisation of ideas! And if that sounds too abstract I’d say it was a small organisation, achieving great results and dedicated to the promotion, understanding and development of design and making in all its forms.

Having worked in the creative arts and being aware of how many organisations are struggling, how do you chose who to support?
It’s difficult as I’d like to support many. However, I make my choice based on the following criteria – firstly I must have had a positive relationship with the organisation and staff and believe in their work; secondly, I look at smaller and more independent organisations, that NEED more support and finally I do respond to being asked - and asked again. I’m always astonished that some organisations that I have supported once, never ask twice.

The money donated to ADC supports us to support artists in developing exhibitions, tours and education. What does supporting the creative community mean to you?
My life in an arts and cultural environment has given enormous satisfaction, fulfilment and enjoyment … I’m pleased to give back to it.

What makes you hopeful?
That creativity can enrich lives and help humanity.

Thanks for your ongoing support Maisy.

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