Chris' Gold Statue Clock

Repaired by Rohan Nicol

Chris has a 36-year association with the clock. The object was originally his Nan’s and Chris remembers it sitting elegantly on her sideboard. The clock is decorated with a robed female figure and is inspired by the neoclassical era. When she died, Chris inherited the object and created a similar vignette with the sideboard and clock in his own home. Recently, the clock was knocked over by his cats and broke into three pieces.

Repairer Rohan Nicol has wrapped the clock up in cloth and bound it. By wrapping it he alludes to museum practices of the past - of taking, hoarding and storing antiquities from the classical era. This transformation cloaks the object from sight, proposing that while memories may still exist they are no longer necessarily attached to form.

Design Repairer: Rohan Nicol

Canberra based, Rohan is the Head of Gold and Silversmithing and convener of the Design Arts Degree program at the Australian National University, School of Art. He is an active craftsman, academic and curator. His recent work ties domesticity and domestic consumption to global experience and the various challenges and crises we face globally. Rohan has also identified the value of intellectual property generated by the creative sector, to the Australian innovation system. He regularly exhibits and presents at major venues and events in Australia and internationally. His work is held in many collections including the Powerhouse Museum and the National Gallery of Australia.

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Chris’ Gold Statue Clock. Repaired by Rohan Nicol. Photos by Lee Grant. Image copyright Hotel Hotel.