Peter Nolan

Repaired by Thought Collider

Peter Nolan submitted himself to Object Therapy not because he sees himself as broken, just more of a 'fix and make' project. Due to some health issues and his current, all encompassing role, as a 'stay at home dad' he has felt disconnected from his creative life. Previously Peter was working as a designer and was starting to build some professional success.

Thought Collider did not see themselves as qualified to fix a person so have instead developed a collaborative mode of ‘repair’ that provides Peter with a creative outlet. Thought Collider have gifted Peter a plot of Lunar land as a conceptual workplace – a space to reflect on existing scenarios here on Earth and envision an alternative reality – a place where he can reimagine the present and reconnect with his creative self.

Design Repairers: Thought Collider

Thought Collider are an experimental, critical art and design research practice based in Amsterdam – the work of Mike Thompson (UK) and Susana Cámara Leret (ES). Their work focuses on the exploration of the meanings and values that can be derived from alternative ways of experiencing built and mediated environments, motivated by emerging technologies. To this end, they conduct design experiments and process driven artworks spanning various media, generating experiential knowledge from the anecdotal or absurd: lived experiences that confront the norm by countering the thing-like nature of organisms, objects and places.

Aside from self-initiated collaborative projects they develop consultancy work for industry and academia to activate novel insights and innovation. Regular collaborators and/or clients include: The Netherlands Metabolomics Centre, Leiden University, The Sino Dutch Centre for Preventive and Personalised Medicine, The Waag Society, Transnatural Art & Design Label, Wageningen University Research Centre, International Flavours and Fragrances, Unilever, Museum Boijmans van Beuningen and MU Gallery Eindhoven.

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Peter Nolan. Repaired by Thought Collider. Photos by Lee Grant. Image copyright Hotel Hotel.

<p>Peter Nolan. Repaired by Thought Collider. Photo by Lee Grant. Courtesy Hotel Hotel.</p>