Rhys' Nintendo

Repaired by Guy Keulemans

Rhys collects Nintendos. He had every model from the original to the Wii, except for the GameCube. His brother found the GameCube and gave it to Rhys. Rhys was elated. His collection was complete. The GameCube never had a power supply and its RCA cables were damaged. Rhys has never turned it on.

The Object Therapy team bought replacements from Ebay, and purchased a second-hand Donkey Konga game with bongo controller from the same Ebay seller. Just for fun. This was a very simple fix, not really a repair. It was easy to do and good to find a new use for old Ebay stuff rather than letting e-waste clutter up cupboards, or worse, local landfill.

Design Repairer: Guy Keulemans

Guy is a multi-disciplinary designer and researcher working across product design, graphics and installation. In his practice he produces critical objects informed by history, philosophy and experimental methodology. Major themes are repair, generative processes, and the environmental concerns of production and consumption. Guy has exhibited in museums and galleries in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Poland and Australia including ARS Electronica, the Marres Centre for Contemporary Culture, COCA Torun and Platform 21, Object, Craft ACT and Craft Victoria. He currently lectures at UNSW Art and Design.

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Rhys' Nintendo. Repaired by Guy Keulemans. Photos by Lee Grant. Image copyright Hotel Hotel.