Rohan's Six Million Dollar Man

Repaired by Benja Harney

Rohan describes himself as a collector. His wife describes him as a hoarder. He found this ‘Six Million Dollar Man’ action figure in an op shop 18 months ago and bought him for $1. While the body was battered, the figure’s clothes were in excellent condition and Rohan purchased him to clothe another Steve Austin doll he already had at home. He had a similar action figure when he was a boy – the series was one of the first American TV shows he can remember on Australian television.

Repairer Benja Harney was determined to restore the dignity of this ‘Six Million Dollar Man’ who had been stripped of his clothing and wounds revealed. While more flamboyant in nature than his original attire, Harney has handcrafted a new adventure uniform for the action figure.

Design Repairer: Benja Harney

Benja is a paper engineer, working both in Australia and internationally, well renowned as a pioneer in his field. As a professional creative, artist and educator, over the last 10 years he has led his Sydney-based studio, Paperform, to develop a body of work that pushes the possibilities of the paper medium. Pop-up books, paper sculpture, installation, illustration, packaging, fine art, fashion, animation, set design – Harney makes anything and everything possible within this endlessly inventive material.

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Rohan's Six Million Dollar Man. Repaired by Benja Harney. Photos by Lee Grant. Image copyright Hotel Hotel.