Kath Inglis is a jeweller who has honed her craft through decades of practice working with one material – PVC. The artist expertly dyes, carves and/or fuses this seemingly ordinary sheet plastic to create jewellery pieces with a particular luminosity, eschewing expensive gems and metals. An article in Adelaide Hills magazine describes her work this way: “Inglis follows traditions while gently subverting them, using a cheap, utilitarian material rather than precious metals and gems”.

Jewellery drew me in so tight. I loved that it was highly personal but very public. That it was worn on the individual and not on a wall. That it was a potent vessel for story. I fell in love quickly and hard.

For Obsessed: Compelled to make, Kath Inglis’s work, made with her signature material PVC, is Lava Lei and What Have You Cut Out

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Filmmaker and photography: Angus Lee Forbes