Born in Auckland, New Zealand, Marc Harrison’s design studio Husque, is based in Brisbane, Australia. 

Marc has an interest in sustainable design and extensively researched and incorporated bio-composites into his products. He fosters both concept design for international exhibitions alongside the creation of functional design focusing on innovative lighting, home-wares, architectural fittings and furniture for interiors and streetscapes. 

Marc’s signature material is Husque, a unique product made from crushed macadamia nut shells. His Husque range of products has sold all over the world including at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.

His studio is responsible for producing and distributing many of his products, as well as designing products for organisations such as Australian furniture manufacturers, government and corporate agencies.

Designer Mark Harrison is recognised for his approach to sustainable design and the creation of bio-composite materials.

Photo: Tammy Forward