For the past 12 years Vicki Grima has been the Executive Officer of The Australian Ceramics Association and also editor of their tri-annual print publication, The Journal of Australian Ceramics. This challenging job involves working with a diverse, dynamic membership of over 1000 studio potters, print and web publishing, along with event and exhibition management.

In her spare moments, Vicki is also a Sydney artist who lives ceramics – making, holding, recording and viewing. A maker of small pinch pots, she works with a single ball of clay in a spiral movement, a meditative practice which provides her with a place to explore the feel of clay, its strength and its fragility. As a teacher she has taught both students and teachers encouraging them to integrate visual arts throughout the curriculum.   

Australian Design Centre recognises Vicki’s extraordinary contribution and commitment to ceramics through her roles at The Australian Ceramics Association.

Image: Photo by Greg Piper