Jacalin King

Terra materia, 2017

Terra materia
 is a publication which embodies the intangible, mystical qualities of the Australian landscape as experienced through the walking body. In doing so, it seeks to provoke a shift toward a deeper understanding of our entwinement with the land. Through the alteration of a person’s narrative of land and nature, the publication facilitates a greater self-awareness of involvement with environmental crises and the responsibility to pursue change.

Different types and textures of paper are combined to form an immersive, tactile experience, which reflects the raw surfaces and forms of the Australian landscape. The book is collated and bound by hand, the paper weighted and dispersed so that for the reader, the turning of the pages mimics rhythms of walking through the landscape.

Image: Jacalin King, Terra materia, 2017. Paper, dmc. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Jacalin King

Jacalin King is a designer and Honours student at UNSW Art & Design. Trained in graphic design, her interests lie in the intersection between graphics and tactility, and the eternal relevance of print and physicality in visual design. 

Image: Jacalin King, 2017. Photo courtesy of the artist.