Mia Sabel

Rubbish Rescue, 2017

Rubbish Rescue
 explores the reuse of disposed objects from kerbside council clean-ups, providing a gateway towards a sustainable future where reuse is favoured over new.

This project focuses on people, referred to as “gleaners”, who retrieve and reuse kerbside objects, rescuing them from landfill. Gleaners’ diverse motivations and experiences are captured in a series of portrait photographs and a short video documentary about the throw away society. This presentation includes participatory activities, which invite visitors to actively share their experiences of gleaning, generating valuable insights into the scope of this phenomenon.

Image: Mia Sabel, Rubbish Rescue, 2017. Participatory design activities. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Rubbish Rescue, documentary  by Mia Sabel. 

Mia Sabel

Mia Sabel’s vision is for Rubbish Rescue to inspire audiences to embrace reuse in their lives, and perhaps give kerbside “shopping” a try. Mia Sabel’s design philosophy celebrates her lifelong passion for creative reuse, posing the question: if all waste was once designed, how can we design to avoid this?

Image: Mia Sabel, 2017. Photo by Steve Sabel.