Kate Banazi x Ryan McGoldrick

The result of a unique collaboration between Kate Banazi and Ryan McGoldrick, Umbra is the debut showing featuring both artists.

KATE: Concentrating on the art of silk screen printing, Kate has worked from an art based practice through to fashion, music, illustration and advertising. Her work is experimental, intuitive and often playful, with bold colour and graphic elements a key reference. Her current work celebrates relationships, identity, movement, shadows and colour, interlocking shapes held together lightly but ready to fall apart. Negative space and line work map chaos, voids and then beauty - a reflection of everyday life in all its unpredictable glory. By exploring the ideas of embracing the flaws in the screen - the silkscreens are un-retouched, pinholes and marks which normally would be repaired, are accepted and celebrated, contrary to the idea of silkscreen printing as a facsimile process.

RYAN: rye. is a creative practice that is inspired by playful form, function, interaction and material resourcefulness for inspiration. Honest and appropriate materiality selected for their tactile, visual and audible sensations that can innately foster new and challenge existing interactions and perceptions within a process, atmosphere or object.

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Ryan McGoldrick 2017. Photos by Fiona Susanto. Images courtesy of LOCAL DESIGN.