Terra Incognita is a sculptural work which represents a miniature eco-system containing elements that are both static and fluid. As a self-contained installation piece, it is static and invaluable, yet contains that which can be valued, possessed and taken away from it. The jewellery pieces on display, have been extracted from their moving, evolving environment for this exhibition. In doing so they have been transformed into objects of adornment, but carry with them the concept of Terra Incognita, or, imperfect knowledge. Every item of jewellery has a story. Set within their “environment” they inhabit a land (terra), where they exist incognita, unrecognisable as jewellery pieces. Removed from this environment they are no longer able to conceal their purpose of adornment yet are not as easily recognized as sculptural objects. They carry a story that is incomplete and thereby imperfect. A story that cannot be fully related to others due to their absence from their environment.

Angela Porritt lives and works in Sydney and in 2017 completed a Master of Fine Arts at Sydney College of the Arts.  She employs kinetic elements in her work to create movement and enjoys exploring ambiguity and whimsy.  She delights in creating work that is fun, colourful, playful and imbued with energy.  In her most recent work she has explored the interfusion of materials traditionally aligned with masculine and feminine crafts using the relatively new technologies of 3D printing and laser cutting with pre-fabricated components, and traditional techniques of crochet.

Image: Angela Porritt, Terra Incognita, 2019. Photo courtesy of the artist.