Catia Single’s pieces centre around memory retention. They’re inspired by her sketches and photographs that serve as a documentation of personal history. The landscapes are stylised and idealised as a representation of memories warped by emotion and time, memories that are based on already-distorted images captured in the sketches. The two concepts of personal history and wearables combine to become a visual form of story-telling and self-expression. They become first-person glimpses into a moment, whether they belonged to the viewer or not. Each has a context that may shift and change or be lost over time, while this fragment of the moment remains. 

Catia is a jewellery and ceramics student at UNSW Art & Design, currently in her third year. She commences her process by capturing landscapes in colour pencil on paper and has translated her imagery in multitude of mediums, including jewellery, textiles, object, and printmaking.

Image: Catia Single, Vignettes, 2019. Photo courtesy of the artist.