Sabine Pagan’s work speaks of the role of materiality and atmosphere in architecture through the medium of jewellery. As a ring, Counterpoint provides the opportunity to witness and experience the powerful connections that exist between the manmade and natural environment. The ring acts as the built form and the hand its landscape. The work also charts the impact of time and the elements that shape both the built and natural worlds, decaying in parts and exhibiting original ‘intact’ characteristics in others. When worn, the ring meets the hand as though it melds with the topography of the bodily landscape.

Exploring the world through jewellery, objects and photography for over 20 years, Sabine Pagan has developed an articulate and personal response to the architectural environments that surround her. Her work connects the large, the minute and worlds ‘in between’, providing those who engage with it the opportunity to transcend time and space. Inherent to her practice is an ongoing investigation of the significance of sensorial experiences in place making and their impact on memory. In her work, light, voids and contrasting materials are used as mechanisms to build materiality and a sense of atmosphere.

Image: Sabine Pagan, Counterpoint, 2018. Photo: Grant Hancock.