A contemporary interpretation of 'Cerberus', the three headed dog ferociously guarding the gates of the underworld, Hades in Greek mythology, this playful version is part of the modern world. Now a domestic pet, it has taken a break from the gates, distracted by food and games. This beast-dog is a tame creature, hanging in the dog park with the pack, sniffing the ground, forgetting duty, and responding to instinct - forever chasing their tail.

Gillian Bencke’s textile art practice is currently focused on texture, excess visual complexity and the introduction of hard materials to the soft sculpture medium. Almost anything might be stitched into a work and the inclusion of small components of brass, bronze and copper has opened the boundaries of her practice. Now including movement and motorised parts in her sculpture too, Gillian is experimenting with increasing scale, producing larger forms to be viewed in the round.

Cerberus, 2022
linen, felt, wool, silk, polyester, glass beads, sequins, motor

Image top: Gillian Bencke, Cerberus, 2022, Photo: Courtesy of the Artist