Continuing a material exploration of small vessels incorporating foliage, these miniature coiled forms are colour studies of Usnea lichens and Spanish moss. The softness of the foliage is reflected in the tonal shades of wool and raffia used. The living materials were collected after extreme weather events during winter. Ferocious winds and lashing rain swept the foliage to the ground and collected by the artist wanting to preserve this moment of beauty after the storm.

Melinda Young’s practice spans jewellery, textiles, installation and interactive public art projects. Fascinated by the potential for unexpected narratives, she finds inspiration in the landscape and her everyday surroundings. Her work explores materiality with an emphasis on found or re-purposed materials. Melinda has exhibited extensively in Australia and internationally since 1997 and her work is held in public collections and included in numerous publications.

Usnea lichens and Spanish Moss, 2022
jute, wool, raffia, Usnea lichens, Tillandsia usneoides (Spanish moss)
$350 pair

Image top: Melinda Young, Usnea lichen Spanish moss vessels, 2022. Photo: Courtesy of the artist