Victoria's works glow with vivid colours. Her dynamic tableaus strobe with kinetic energy. Using all the colours of the rainbow to make these soft sculptures, she creates these pieces through multiple layers of hand stitching, a practice she really enjoys. The pieces in this series include people, a kangaroo, kookaburras and a possum.

Working predominantly in painting, animation and textiles, Victoria Atkinson's subject matter draws on her passion for pop culture, including World Wrestling Entertainment, The Bachelorette, musicals, memories and her quest for love. Victoria has been a finalist in the Archibald and Sulman prizes (2021, 2022), LSM Global Art Awards (2022) and in 2018, her hand-embroidered wrestling masks and belts were showcased at ADC as part of the Meet the Maker program.

Disco Fever & Rock ' n ' Roll, 2022
embroidery thread, fabric
$400 each

Image top: Victoria Atkinson, Disco Fever & Rock ' n ' Roll, 2022, Photo: Tsz Kin (William) LIU and Studio A