Seeking the Edge of the Fold - Difference and Repetition (2), seeks to use textiles to articulate notions about language in the form of sculpture and installation. Susan references, In The Fold (1993) Gilles Deleuze’s proposal of new and radical ways to understand philosophy and art. Gilles interprets the world as a body of infinite folds that weave through compressed time and space. An unfolding ... always accompanies the fold, producing new folds... opening us out to that which is yet to be folded. 

Made in a time when runoff from textile industries flows freely into many rivers and oceans throughout the world, there is an unfolding interest and resurgence in using colour from nature. 

Created using traditional shibori techniques and naturally died with Eucaluptus Cinerea this work is stitched 2000 times over. The 3.5m silk satin extravaganza has been created to both demonstrate and explore the glorious possibilities of shibori and references  traditional textile cultures and contemporary applications of plant dyes.

Susan Fell is a NSW based artist with a Master of Visual Arts from Monash University. Centre to Susan’s practice is the use of natural dyes and her studio work demonstrates the possibilities of shibori. She explores traditional textile cultures and contemporary applications of plant dyes. 

Research is an integral part of Susan’s practice, which has sent her to travel to Africa, Japan, America, Europe and many places in Asia, to build up extensive knowledge and resources.  

Internationally recognised, Susan is frequently invited to exhibit, speak and present at various international textile conferences. She has spoken at the World Craft Council and UNESCO, International Forum of Natural Dyes, World Eco Fibres, 2014. She was also a guest speaker, at World Eco Fibres & Textiles conference in Malaysia and the World Batik Conference in Malaysia and USA.  

Image: Susan Fell, Seeking the Edge of the Fold-Difference and Repetition (2), 2020 Photo: Michelle Eabry