The Switch Ottoman, 2018

The Switch Ottoman is named after its modular joinery system’s ability to switch, evolve and transform across a range of furniture applications. The simple floating cylindrical form is both playful and comfortable. The soft upholstery is contrasted by three vertical timber legs which allow for a stackable design. The project was driven by the exploration of 3D printed connector prototypes and the design of a connector that could facilitate a diverse range of furniture solutions. By adjusting the height of the dowel and removing the top piece the design can transform into a stool, table or even a bookcase.

Image: Angus Easthope, The Switch Ottoman, 2018. Image courtesy of the artist

Angus Easthope Portrait_Image courtesy of the artist


Angus Easthope is a UTS product design graduate. He develops products based on the principles of user-centered design, focusing on the user and their needs to create long lasting and enjoyable solutions.

Image: Angus Easthope. Image courtesy of the artist