Paper Vase Costume, 2019
Collection 1 - Safari Animals
Collection 2 - Paper Rock

Paper Vase Costume makes upcycling enjoyable and entertaining. It turns used wine bottles, beer bottles and PET bottles into aesthetically pleasing vases. Washable paper was chosen for this collection as it is a sustainable, lightweight and durable material.

Currently there are two different form directions for the collection.

Paper Rock is inspired by the way flora and fauna can grow out of what seems like almost impossible rock crevices. The Paper Rock form intends to capture this magical phenomenon. Irregular fragmented creases in the paper mimic rock faces.

Safari Animals is inspired by giraffes and leopards. The spirit of these animals are captured via minimal curves. When in use it seems as if these abstract safari animals are relaxing in your home.

Image: Helen Chen, Safari Animal, Paper Vase Costume, 2018. Image courtesy of the artist

Helen Chen Portrait_Image courtesy of the artist


Helen Chen is a designer who is heavily influenced by artisanal traditions and constantly inspired by nature and natural materials. She loves creating homewares and personal accessories that are good for you, the maker and the environment.

Image: Helen Chen. Image courtesy of the artist