Sorb, 2020

The Sorb Stool or Sorb pot plant is based on an investigative series of small objects that explore the possibilities of tube as furniture. It consists of the idea of cutting into the tube to create its function and purpose. By varying the heights it can be a body of objects. A stool, a seat, a chair, a table a storage unit etc. From a sustainability point of view The Sorb uses the whole steel sheet with no waste or off-cuts. With the possibility of having stone inserts for tabletops and or soft foam upholstered inserts for seating.

Image: Arthur Koutoulas, Sorb Stool or Table, 2020, Image: courtesy of the artist

Arthur Koutoulas portrait


Arthur Koutoulas is a designer with over 20 years of practice who explores the boundaries where design, art and architecture blur. He designs branded environments for commercial, retail and hospitality experiences. Allowing the furniture to dictate and inform the space, by showcasing the beauty of each material used and the custom furniture joinery.

Image: Arthur Koutoulas, portrait, Image: courtesy of the artist