Trio, 2020

Designed as an elegant centrepiece, the Trio candle holder is characterised by a beautifully sculptural ribbon form. The ribbon flares open at the base to provide stability, and seamlessly joins together at the top as if sculptured from the base of each candle. This design transforms simple pressed steel parts into a minimalist yet organic sculpture. Whilst striking in its appearance, the Trio can be created using simple manufacturing methods.

Image: David Knott, Trio, 2020, Photo: Courtesy of the Artist

David Knott, portrait


In the twenty years since he graduated with honours in Industrial Design, David Knott has adopted a strategic approach to his career development building upon a wide scope of experiences, ranging from graduate study in Italy to exhibitions of his work in several countries and engagement with a number of internationally renowned design companies. He is the co-founder of Alquemy – an award winning design consultancy with a specific focus on the home and kitchen environments.

"Workshopped has been pivotal in the successful development of my design career. By participating each year for over 10 years, I built a strong community of likeminded design professionals who have helped to support, influence and guide my development and provide opportunities that otherwise would not have been afforded to me."

Image: David Knott, portrait: Photo: Courtesy of the Artist